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Homeowner Insurance

Not all homeowner’s policies are alike. There are two basic types of homeowner’s coverage:

ALL RISK POLICY - offers broad protection and covers all perils unless they are specifically excluded by the policy, and

NAMED PERILS POLICY - offers narrower protection than an all risk policy and covers only those perils specifically named under the policy. A named perils policy will also contain exclusions to perils named under the policy.

Policies also offer different methods of repairing or replacing your property:

REPLACEMENT COST - pays for all necessary expenses associated with rebuilding or repairing damaged property, up to the policy limits, less any applicable deductible amount.

ACTUAL CASH VALUE - factors in depreciation costs to your claim and pays you the costs to replace or repair the damaged property, less this depreciation and less any applicable deductible amount.

Sumner Insurance Agency recommends the endorsement of water damage, water and sewer back up, and foundation coverages with your policy.

Contact us for a quote on your homeowner's policy. As an independent agency, Sumner Insurance represents over 10 insurance carriers. This flexibility allows us to locate the best policy for the best price to fulfill your needs.

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Homeowners Insurance